Many Faces - One Man

A Short Bio

Who Am I?

A picture of Sheena and I.

This is one of the hardest things for me to do, talk about myself. I'm not all that good at it. I'm much better about talking about abstract ideas or other people than I am about myself. But I'll do my best to do a good job with this.

In any case, my name is John McDonnell, though I'm known (mostly online) as Gorgarath. I live in Portage, Pennsylvania and have a beautiful fiancèe, Sheena, and daughter, Aeris. I used to have a site for my daughter, but I have since removed it as I switched hosts and haven't had a chance to set it up at my new host. And anyway, I figure Sheena would more likely update it more often. And since for a Christmas pressie this year, I bought her a domain name, (she picked the name herself), she can had either a subsection dedicated to her or just incorporated into her site.

I like to call myself a computer technician, but what I really am right now is unemployed. I'm hoping this will change again soon. Computers and technology are pretty much my life, just ask Sheena. She often complains that I spend too much time with my computer and ignore her. This of course is totally untrue. Though I do spend a lot of time with the computer. I also have 3 servers sitting downstairs just begging for me to set them up...


I have numerous intrests such as my wonderful fiancèe and daughter. Then there's always running lights and sound for the band. Not to mention my obsession with computers, cell phones, technology, modding, anime, manga, and reading. I'm also a fan of open source programs and operating systems. Though I'm typing this in Windows XP, I'll be installing FreeBSD (or try the fork from FreeBSD that's aimed for home computing PCBSD) after we get DSL installed since it seems that when I was cleaning out my book of CD's I got rid of all 4 copies of FreeBSD. But FreeBSD 6.0 is out now anyway. I'll have to drop a copy of that on my Quad-PPro server.

A Note on Operating Systems

If you happen to find some open source, or at the least free, operating system that you might think I'd be interested, feel free to drop me a note about it. This goes for any of my other intrests as well.

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